Hospitals We Visit

Rex Healthcare and Rex Healthcare Birth Center

Rex Healthcare has provided medical care to our community since 1894. Upon its opening in the old Governor Manly House, founder John Rex’s dream of providing care to the “sick and afflicted poor” became a reality.

Over the past 120 years, Rex has met the healthcare needs of the people in Raleigh, Wake County and beyond. The sophistication of treatments has progressed far beyond what could have been imagined. Today, Rex Healthcare is a technologically-advanced community hospital backed by the extensive capabilities of UNC Health Care.

WakeMed and WakeMed Birth Center

Parents, caregivers and pediatricians far and wide trust WakeMed to care for their children and patients. They are one of the most experienced, well-respected hospitals for children in North Carolina. In fact, each year, we expect to serve more than 140,000 kids.

Their resources include:

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